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10 Foreplay Tips for Better Sex

  • 2 min read

10 Foreplay Tips for Better Sex

If sex feels a bit rushed, uncomfortable or even boring for a couple, foreplay might provide the answer. Foreplay allows you to become more comfortable and feel more pleasure, and any activity that arouses you counts. These foreplay tips will help you think about the box--and sometimes the bedroom!

1. Start in the Morning

Foreplay doesn't have to start 10 minutes before intercourse. A passionate kiss as you leave for work can warm up your engine for later.

2. Get Digital

For many couples, sexy texts or photos are an excellent way to get in the mood for what's to come when they can finally be in the same place and do everything they promised earlier.

3. Romance Yourself

No partner? No problem! Doing your hair, makeup, putting on lingerie, and touching yourself can be just as effective for getting in the mood.

4. Don't Use Your Hands

Whether you talk dirty to your partner, give them oral sex, or use other parts of your body for foreplay, you'll be thinking outside of the box and spicing up the bedroom. In fact, try tying your hands, so you can't use them!

5. Make Out

Once people start having sex, they can forget how awesome making out is. However, almost nothing is better foreplay than kissing passionately and moving your body against your partner's.

6. Make It Last As Long As Possible

Foreplay is often unfortunately short. But extending it doesn't have to be a chore. It can be a game where each of you tries to bring the other into a sexual frenzy using whatever tools are at their disposal. Whoever caves and begs for intercourse first "loses." Of course, it's really a win-win situation!

7. Try On Different Roles

If you want novel roleplay, you may need to take a page from someone else's book. More specifically, you may need to take on a different role. Doing so can change everything from how you seduce your partner to how you have sex. Try costumes to really get into your roles!

8. Hand Over Control

A remote-controlled sex toy is appealing for many reasons, and the way it enhances foreplay is definitely one of them! You can shop for the perfect discreet vibrator together or surprise your partner when you hand them the remote. Both are sure to bring a smile to your lover's face.

9. Show Them How You Like It

Showing your partner how you like to touch yourself isn't just great foreplay. It teaches them how to please you better!

10. Sometimes You Can Skip Foreplay

Quickies can be amazing because they're passionate and spontaneous. So it's okay to skip foreplay occasionally.