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Proper Butt Plug Usage

May 29, 2019

Proper Butt Plug Usage


The ass is an erogenous zone that can evoke immense feelings of dirty pleasure, so it's no wonder that you're interested in working with the standard sex toy for anal play: the butt plug. Jumping into anal insertions with enthusiasm but no knowledge is a fast way to ruin anal for you or your partner forever, so here's the right way to start with a butt plug.

Selecting the Right Plug

Not every butt plug is made for every butt hole. Considering that you're reading this article, you'll likely want to start with a plug that is on the smaller side. Many plug models come in a range of sizes at affordable prices, so you can purchase a few and work your way up from small to large.

Proper Insertion and Usage

Unlike the vagina, the ass does not naturally produce its own lubrication. Use a proper lube - not water or spit - to coat your finger, the plug, and the lucky person's rectum. Push your finger into their ass to lubricate the entrance and start opening them up, since even the smallest plugs are likely to be larger than your finger. Rub around in small circles, then swap your finger for the tip of the plug. Going slowly, press the plug into their ass while giving them as much time to adjust as they need. At this point, some people will find that they do not like anal play with anything sizable, so pull out if they tell you to stop. If all goes well, the tapered shape of a basic butt plug will press through the rectum until the butt muscles swoop around it and cling to it tightly.

At this point, you have a few options. The plug can sit pretty while you play in other ways. It can be worn around in public for a naughty secret that you're sharing with your partner. It can be used like a miniature dildo, popping in and out of their ass while you work their other sexy bits. You can even make a game of seeing who can take the largest plug.

Cleanliness and Anal

Although it's fun to squirm around with a bit of anal play, it is important to keep in mind that the ass is a place where bacteria live. The first rule is to never stick anything that was in an ass into another hole without cleaning it first. The vagina is an inviting home for any germs that make their way inside of it, so breaking the first rule is a fast way to an infection that will at least interfere with sexy times and at worst lead to serious health complications. When you finish using the plug, give it a good scrub with an appropriate cleaner for the type of material, then store it for next time.

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