September 18, 2016


All grown up toys!

Fabulous fun to shop for your lovemaking goodies with a partner or for personal and private use. There are many options to choose from discreetly for your escapades, encounters and adventures. From the safety and comfort of your computer screen you can browse the sexy toys and fun tools for your special times.

Take a chance and go for it. Sex is meant to be an enjoyable and flirty in between those moments of memory and deep passionate kisses. Your lover may be quite happily surprised and excited by your interest in the taboo world of fleshy fun. Both men and women can to experiment and with our wide selection of toys it will be an excellent time to share with your partner.

Sex is meant to be of life's pleasures and we want to bring your fantasies to fruition with our wide variety. 

Having a hard time making the move to talk about this with your partner? You would be surprised how many times we have helped our customers find the right item for their specific expectations. It can also be great to share the shopping experience with your friends and find out their preference too.

Many times we think we are the only ones in the world with these images and ideas in our heads, but trust us and know that we won't steer you wrong. We strive to be the 'sexperts' and we can answer your questions and offer suggestions and advice. We encourage you to explore the site and look around at all we have to bring to your sexual appetite. There are so many new toys on the market since and we have some excellent products just waiting for a new home.

Take your time, follow your instinct and have fun! You may even be surprised at how liberating it is to delve into new opportunities to make your lover feel gorgeous.

August 18, 2016


The Care and Upkeep of Sex Toys

Sex toys can heighten sexual pleasure. They comes in a variety of vibrations, contours, materials and textures. The shelf life of your toy can differ given these variations.

A good sex toy is a clean sex toy. Maintenance is vital, not only for your health and internal hygiene but also so they last and remain in good condition. 

Cleaning is important, as well as motor care. With simple planning, understanding and execution you can have a healthy compliment of toys which are well-maintained.

When using your sex toys, clean them before and after each use. You don’t want to put dust and other things inside of your body, so cleaning beforehand is highly recommended. Keep them in a plastic or silk bag when not in use. 

Of course, cleaning after use is important. 

The type of cleaner is important. If you wouldn’t put it inside of you, don’t use it. No bleach, no heavy-duty cleaners. It’s best to use specialized cleaning products, which can sanitize toys, because they contain antibacterial ingredients that eliminate mold, mildew, microbes, and fungus. These not only deal with the biological issues, but the sludge formed by lubricants.
Read the packaging carefully to determine what kinds of materials the toy contains, often a manufacturer will include cleaning instructions.

Glass, hard plastic, stainless steel and silicone are hard, nonporous surfaces and they are easier to clean with just a quick wipe of some antibacterial soap and water. They don’t allow bacteria to penetrate and lodge in their surfaces. They can be sanitized in the dishwasher as long as they aren’t motorized.
Leather, rubber and vinyl toys can be damaged by soaps and they need special care to safeguard they are hygienic. They can’t be boiled or put into the dishwasher. If you are lacking a proper cleanser, you can use a condom. When used by yourself, it is permissible, to use hot water, but thoroughly dry them and then powder them with corn starch until you can clean them properly. Never use rubbing alcohol.

A caution if you are unsure of how porous the toy is, and you have multiple partners, because disease, infections, and bacteria can be passed.

Sex toys that contain mechanical parts should never be submerged. In fact, remove the batteries before cleaning and storing. Store them in a cool, dark, dry place.

With proper cleaning, storing and maintenance you can have many years of pleasure and fun.

July 18, 2016


What To Do When He Doesn't Approve Of Your "Goodie Drawer"

The term “goodie drawer” was coined in an episode of Sex and The City where the four famous women (Miranda, Samantha, Charlotte and Carrie of course!) were talking about what they kept at their bedsides for a little sexual fun. They talked of having condoms there along with other devices for their own enjoyment. The “rabbit vibrator” was one of their favorites. They each claimed to own one with poor Charlotte even getting a bit addicted to hers at one point. Even preferring an evening alone with the sex toy over going out with an actual red blooded male. Which brings the question, what do you do when you are in a relationship and he doesn’t approve of your “goodie drawer"?

Some men feel threatened that a dildo or vibrator might actually give you more pleasure than they do. This is a common insecurity among men. It might take a little convincing to explain to them patiently that a little self love with a toy does not replace them in any way at all. It’s just an added way to relax, and have a little fun.

It might help to introduce the toy in question into your own lovemaking with your partner. Let them experiment with it on you, and you on them if they are game. Most men are pretty open to all kinds of sex play as long as you ask them first. You’d be surprised at how ready to try new things they will be if they know that you are up for anything.

Overall if your mate is truly bothered by what’s in your drawer, and refuses to be dissuaded by the items, then it might be time to store them elsewhere. It might seem like close access by your bedside is best, but it doesn’t hurt to move them to a drawer that is less visible to your partner. You might also not use them as much if you are in a committed relationship, especially if you are having a ton of new relationship sex that is popular in the beginning.

If you feel like this relationship is worth going the distance then as part of any good relationship, there has to be compromise. Many women won’t be with someone who is so closed minded about sexual things. So if you think that he won't budge about your “goodie drawer” then he might not be the right guy for you anyway.

May 20, 2016


The World of Hi Tech Sex Toys

Sex toys have been around for years. They have been tweaked, re-invented, and reshaped like any type of product lines, Now, in the second decade of the 2000s, a new innovation has arrived. Hi tech has come to sex toys. Here are a few of the best.

The Autoblow 2 is a hi tech instrument for males that are really really into self stimulation, It is a circular shaped device with a sleeve. Just insert your penis and let the vibrating beads take you to a higher ground, so to speak.

For those of you that might be into virtual sex the VR Googles is a circular device that come with goggles. It allows you to engage in virtual reality sex with an animated hot babe. It's not the same as engaging in the real thing, but I suppose it will do in a pinch.

The Launch Pad is an innovation on an innovation. You can hook up your plastic Fleshlight vagina to a mobile video screen. You can watch video clips or web cam erotic action while you engage self pleasure. Who could ask for anything more?

Imtoy is a cylinder, or kind of penis shaped device that is equipped with a motor and 30 vibrational movements, It is compatible with a smartphone or tablet. It's suppose to mimic the action that is taking place in a porn movie. Does it really work? I suppose you have to try it to know for sure.

The Duet vibrator is made for the female self-pleasure queen that likes to be a little discreet. It can be carried in a small carrying case. They are oblong and oval shaped, around the size of a computer flash drive. They can be charged via a USB port. The Duet is said to be so quiet you can use it in a library. How is that for a kinky thought?

The Cube Vibe 2.OH is a two part vibrator for the girl that really loves music. There's the insertion device plus a remote control unit with a built in mike. The vibrator moves to the beat of the music that is pumped through the device. It's only rock and roll but you'll like it.

The Fi Fi waterproof rechargeable vibrator is shaped like a three fingered rabbit eared hand. The ears are three independent motors  that operate at different speeds. It's waterproof and rechargeable.

April 21, 2016


Kinds of Sex Toys You Need

Sex Toys can Be Fun for Everyone

There are any number of people that may feel a bit uncomfortable talking about things like sex toys but there is really no reason to be shy. With the advances and new inventions that have come down the pipes in the past few decades, odds are, there is a toy that just about everyone will enjoy. There are a few different ways that you can determine if a sex toy is right for you either solo or with your partner. Knowing how to tell if you are ready for a toy is also a great way to decide what type of toy is going to work best for you.


For the Adventurous Couple

There are plenty of couples out there that just want to spice things up and there are toys for that. From things like vibrators, vibrating rings, and more, there is sure to be a toy that can get both of your motors running. If you are a couple and you feel you need something to make your sex life a little bit more interesting, a sex toy is a great way to do that without having to change much in your normal routine. Toys can help to break down walls, let your inhibitions go, and really see just what you are capable of.

The Adventurous Solo Operator

For those that may want to spice up their alone time there are also toys for that. Things like vibrators, pocket vaginas and more, you can really do the deed on your own. These toys are meant to be fun for those that are flying solo and those that may have a partner that likes to be involved. Toys for the solo operator are going to be pretty much full service and are great if you are unsure of what you want and need something that is going to really guide you. You can find toys that fit just about any desire.

Toys For Everyone

There are also those toys out there that cater to just about every whim, fantasy, and idea that you can have. The key is to take the time to figure out what you want, to find it, and to test it out. There is no shame in buying sex toys, in fact, they can be quite fun and supremely liberating. There are now more toys than ever before so finding a toy that works for you is going to be easier now than ever before. Product descriptions and pictures are incredibly helpful and can guide you to the toy or even toys that are going to help awaken you sexually and satisfy all your needs and fantasies fully.

March 02, 2016


Can Sex Toys Be a Cure for Loneliness?

If you're single and have been for a while, you might feel sad, lonely, and sexually frustrated. Being with someone is a natural and reassuring part of humanity. It is in our nature to crave companionship and togetherness with a lover. Without this, it can feel as though you are missing a part of yourself.

While you can't just order up a boyfriend or girlfriend to satisfy your needs, you can order a sex toy. It doesn't provide scintillating conversation, a warm hug, or a hot bod, but it can provide you with the release you have been fervently desiring. But is it enough?

Sex Toys

Research suggests that 90% of men and 64% of women masturbate, meaning that a majority of people enjoy private time on a regular basis. Sex toys, such as vibrators, dildos, or fleshlights, are a great way to spice it up. 

Learning to Love Yourself

Some psychologists say that you can't learn to love someone else until you love yourself. Using a sex toy to find out what you enjoy and appreciate during love making is crucial to understanding yourself. If you do happen to find a person you'd like to get it on with, they might be turned off by your inability to know what you like. If you don't know your needs, you could inadvertently push them away.

Experimenting with sex toys can help prevent this. Additionally, learning your pleasure centers can increase your self esteem and give you greater confidence when it comes time to find a partner. Your power will help to attract someone to be with.

Are Toys a Distraction?

On the other hand, some experts agree that using sex toys can distract you from your everyday life, isolating you from friends and making it harder to meet new people. Excessive masturbation that occurs several times a day can interfere with school, work, and other things in your life. In turn, this will just make you more lonely - the opposite of what you want to achieve! 

In the end, can sex toys cure loneliness? Probably not. However, they are a great way to enjoy yourself until you find someone to share in your pleasure. 

January 30, 2016


5 Best Places to Wear and Use a Sex Toy in Public

Sex toys can be an integral part of any relationship. They provide pleasure for both the receiver and the giver. However, there comes a time, when you might want to step up your sex game.

Instead of relegating toys solely to your private life, it might be fun to experiment in public. As long as you keep things discreet, meaning out of sight, there is nothing wrong with doing so. In this spirit of freedom, here are the top five places to wear and use a sex toy in public.

1. Office

The workplace can be a bit boring. You show up every day and do the same things. Spice up the routine by carrying along a pocket rocket vibrator. Nobody will know that you have it with you.

Women with short skirts can just snake a hand down there and have some fun. Men might want to think about some beads..

Getting down at the office is such a thrill because normally you have to maintain a professional persona. You finally get to release all that pent-up energy and frustration.

2. College Classroom

Is the professor droning on about his or her personal research as usual? Probably. Well, you can pretend to listen while enjoying the anal probe you quietly sit on. It is nobody's business but yours. Just make sure you are ready to answer a question if asked.

Large lecture halls are the best for this activity There are so many people that you can just blend into the crowd. Sit in the back to remain inconspicuous.

3. Movie Theater

Once the lights go down, the entertainment begins, literally. A movie theater is so safe because when in the throes of orgasm nobody can see your face. Try not to scream as the plug or vibrator sends you off into another world.

4. Public Transportation

Bus rides are usually bumpy. The passengers get thrown this way and that. So much the better for you when wearing your favorite sex toy. Just imagine how deep it can go when the driver slams on the brakes suddenly.

5. Coffee Shop or Restaurant

Most diners tend to be focused on their meals. There is little concern about the facial expression, or more likely in your case, contortions, of the other patrons. So, go ahead and wear your sex toy under your clothes.

If you do begin screaming in pleasure, it is probably likely you will hear someone nearby tell the staff that they will have what you are having!

December 23, 2015


5 Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Introducing Sex Toys to Your Partner

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your love life, then sex toys are definitely the way to go. They offer exciting sensations and make it easier to reach climax. Maybe you’re already interested in sex toys, but you want your partner to join in on the fun. If you and your partner have never used sex toys before, here are five things you need to keep in mind as you decide to bring up the topic:

1. It’s Not an Overnight Process.

When it comes to introducing sex toys, you can’t expect to bring the big guns out from the get-go. You need to start small, such as with handcuffs, blindfolds and erotic massage oils. Then, you may want to begin introducing whips and pocket vibrators. You can then gradually work your way up to the more specialized sex toys, such as anal beads and monster-sized dildos. Take it one step and day at a time. Don’t rush it or you may push your partner away.

2. It’s Probably Not Ideal for the First Date.

Unless you and your date have spoken about your kinky personalities in the bedroom, it is best not to mention sex toys during the first date. It is better to AT LEAST wait until the third date. There needs to be a good level of communication and trust between the both of you before sex toys are brought into the picture. Keep in mind that many people are still intimidated by the thought of sex toys, so it is important that you maintain full respect for your partner and ease them into the world that you know is so wonderful. They’ll know soon enough what they’ve been missing.

3. Avoid Being Selfish.

Once you’ve talked to your partner into using sex toys, you may want to focus on your own enjoyment. However, when you’re introducing your partner to these toys, you need to figure out what turns them on. This is a crucial time in presenting sex toys and you’ll want to utilize toys that will focus on their pleasure zone. This will show them exactly how toe-curling toys in the bedroom can be. Once they’ve gotten familiar with the use of toys, you can then show them what you like.

4. Always Lead by Example.

To successfully introduce sex toys, you’ll want to lead by example. Be the role model in the relationship and take the lead. Show your partner what you enjoy in terms of toys. If penis rings work for you, demonstrate the way they are used for your partner. The same thing with vibrators and other toys. More often than not, your partner is going to truly enjoy what they see and be ready to jump into the mix pretty quickly.

5. It Takes Both of You.

Sure, you can get off on your own, but the toe-curling, mind-blowing, magnificent sex that you want is going to take a partner. There are numerous couple’s toys on the market, including sex swings, adult games and sex furniture. Work together to please each other and go together to choose the products that you want to put to use between the sheets. Most people feel the most comfortable browsing an online sex toy shop online from the comfort of their home without having to worry about others judging them.

The essential key to a better and more enjoyable sex life is being 100 percent honest with your partner about what you want and exactly how you want it. Always remain honest, respectful and sincere as you attempt to introduce sex toys to your partner in the bedroom.

November 21, 2015


Benefits of Buying Sex Toys Online

Sex toys, one of the most personal and private purchases made by an individual. Sex toys can be for just a man, just a woman, or couples. Mainstream sex toys such as lubricants as advertised on television and even maybe feathery handcuffs do exist. In reality, most areas of the country have few sex stores, maybe one and some none.  Most of these stores sell only mainstream toys, maybe dildos, and sexual outfits. Lack of competition, lack of variety, and lack of guidance from sales staff if you do find a more adventurous sex toy results in increased prices but no real variety or guidance. Honestly, how many people want to look another person in the face and ask what some sex toys do, what to start with, how to use it, how to get yourself and/or you and your partner into using sex toys.

Online stores provide privacy many people want and need. There are countless stores from all over the world online. The amount and variety of merchandise is astounding. One site alone had over 20 shapes and sizes of dildos along with an equally large collection of vibrators, nipple toys, sexercises, penis rings, rabbit vibrators, anal toys, pulsators, smart balls, metal balls, glass balls, only men toys, eggs, sex toy kits, Master-Slave Kits, and even a magic bullet that uses a USB port. Under all these areas are numerous separate toys. The websites go into full descriptions as to what the toy does to enhance pleasure, how to use the toy, and the care of these products. Some websites recommend use of medical-grade silicone over latex since they are more user friendly than latex, are more hygienic and latex ages faster than medical–grade silicone.  Competitive pricing and even abundant sales appear on numerous websites since there is so much competition for business and new product lines entering the market place.

Some of the websites suggest what and how a newbie can enter the sex toy world, should start with acting either alone or with a partner so that the experience is not embarrassing but pleasurable. You can also email questions you and /or your partner may have regarding any toy or explain what you are trying to achieve and ask for their suggestions.

Sex toys are a very profitable online business. Worldwide in 2008 it was worth $15 billion an increase of thirty percent over the previous year. China leads the market making sex toys. Online gives the best of all worlds whatever direction you and/or your partner decide to go and what you do in your bedroom it stays there. Everything is sent very discreetly so that no one can tell it is coming from an online sex shop. Therefore, for those of you interested surf the web you definitely will find guidance, variety, competitive pricing and anonymity. 

October 08, 2015


LELO Introduces a New Scented Toy!

Luxury sex toy retailer LELO is well-known for their innovation attempts. They've produced vibrators that can be controller via unique remote controls, sound-activated sex toys and insertables that mimic stroking of a finger. While not every attempt at innovation has received critical success, the folks at LELO are always looking to keep innovating. The most recent announcement is that of Lily 2, a revamped version of their original, ergonomic vibrator that can be used during sex. With this newest Lily, LELO has also introduced a scented feature.

The powers that be at LELO describe this new feature as "delicately scented." Each of the three shades -- lavender, pink and plum -- are available with their own scents: Lavender and Manuka Honey, Rose and Wisteria, and Bordeaux & Chocolat, respectively. These scents have been infused into the toy, so users will be able to experience them during play. Sex toy enthusiasts have long sought ways to increase ambiance. From sexy tunes to scented massage candles, sex toys and accessories have made this possible.

However, only time will tell if people want their sex toys to smell, too! LELO thinks that Lily 2 will enhance the mood with its gentle fragrance that doesn't need a burning wick to spice up the air. They might be right, too! The three current scents are all rather feminine, which makes the newest Lily a good option for women who prefer those smells.

Aside from the new feature, LELO has also increased power from the original Lily, which the company first released Lily more than five years ago. According to the site, the second go 'round has double the power of the palm-sized massager. Lily retains the same silky, silicone finish and two-button configuration, however. Lily 2 is rechargeable like other LELO's vibrators and is now fully waterproof, so you can take it into the bath or shower with you.

The small size makes Lily 2 good for using during intercourse because it can so easily fit between your and your partner's bodies, but it can just as easily be used with an insertable or by itself during solo play time.

Lily 2 follows on the heels of Hugo, LELO's newest prostate stimulator. Hugo uses LELO's innovative remote control, which can rely on movements to increase stimulation or simulated pulses. With this remote, lovers can increase their male partner's satisfaction during intercourse or foreplay.

Lily 2 is the latest of several revamps to classic Lelo vibrators, including Mona, Siri and Gigi.

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