June 21, 2017


What are the most popular sex toys for couples?

The best selling sex toy is, of course, the vibrator - in all of its multifarious forms.

Most people think, though, that vibrators are for solitaire - but that is not true. In fact, vibrators are amongst the most popular sex toys for couples play - with cock rings a close second.

Cock rings enhance both partner's experience by increasing the size of the penis and helping obtain a longer erection. They can be a "life saver" for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Their popularity comes from the fact that many men are not able to sustain activity long enough to allow their partner to achieve a proper orgasm. Some cock rings also add features such as ticklers or mini vibrators designed to stimulate a female partner's clitoris. Cock rings are designed entirely for use by couples and are the most popular sex toy amongst men.

What about those vibrators, though? The truth is that many modern vibrators are ideal for couples play, and some are specifically designed for it. Remote controls mean you can, well, turn your partner on, even from a slight distance. This surrendering of control is enjoyable to many - and may be an element of bondage play. Regular vibrators can be used in the same way, although it's definitely easier with a remote control. And, of course, you can get even more fun out of vibrators if both partners come equipped with a clitoris - lesbian couples often enjoy playing with a pair of them, or attaching a bullet vibrator to a strap on. Check reviews when choosing vibrators for couples use - some work a lot better than others. But the truth is, 81% of women who use a vibrator have, at least once, used it with a partner. This is also true for 91% of men - probably because most men don't think to use a vibrator solo.

Or, get creative. Mini vibrators are fantastic for, shall we say, varied use. They can be used on (but not in) the anus, or use them to stroke your partner's shaft or balls, perhaps combined with oral. Larger size vibrators, of course, can also be used for their non-sexual use - body massage - which can definitely help get people in the mood. Vibrators can also be used on the nipples (male or female), inside of the thighs. Some women also get very turned on by simply being watched by their partner while they use one.

So - the two most popular sex toys are cock rings and, of course, the old faithful - the vibrator.

May 29, 2017


What is the best male sex toy?

Of course, "best" is highly subjective. If we go by "most popular" - then the most popular male sex toy is the cock ring. Many men also like masturbators, including the infamous "fleshlight."

What is actually best depends on your lifestyle, sexuality, and whether you are looking for solo or couples play. Masturbators are generally designed for solo play, although some can be used in ways that increase stamina and make for longer and better erections - something a partner is likely to appreciate.

Masturbators come in a variety of designs - most are designed to simulate a vagina, anus, or mouth, with varying degrees of realism. Others tend for a more minimal design. Masturbators that resemble an anus are primarily intended for gay men. The wide variety means that whatever your preferences, you can find something fitting. Some masturbators vibrate for extra enjoyment.

Cock rings, on the other hand, are designed for couples play - some of them come with clitoral stimulators attached to increase the pleasure of a female partner. The basic purpose, though, is to extend how long you can stay hard - and thus make sure that you don't lose performance before your partner gets what she (or he) is looking for. Cock rings, basically, mean you can play longer and harder and both of you get a more intense experience. They can also be part of treating premature ejaculation.

Cock rings come in all sorts of colors, in different sizes - because we aren't all the same size - and with a different external design. Some of them vibrate or have vibrating bullets that can be attached. You can get adjustable and glow in the dark. Go for rubber for flexibility or metal for maximum pressure.

There's a reason the cock ring is the most popular male sex toy - you can find one to suit regardless of the size of your dong and regardless of the sex of your partner. In fact, the choice can be almost overwhelming - you might want to spend some time reading reviews and taking into account what kind of play the reviewer was doing.

There are all kinds of other options to increase your pleasure - penis extenders to help remind that size does matter, dildos especially designed for gay men, penis pumps, etc. But the two above are the ones most men go for - and with good reason. For solo or couples play, though, you can always check out the full catalog and find out all of the options for you.

May 18, 2017


What's The P Spot?

No, not the G spot - that hard to find spot on a woman that will transport her to ecstasy.

In fact, the "P spot" refers to the prostate gland - which, when properly stimulated, can have a similar effect on men. Gently massaging the prostate either by inserting fingers or a toy into the anus or by massaging between the testicles and anus can send a guy literally wild.









It's seldom talked about in sex ed - probably because it's associated strongly with gay sex, a topic not all teachers are willing to go into. But the prostate really is a powerful erogenous zone for men. P spot stimulation alone can lead to orgasm and ejaculation - something doctors sometimes use to reliably obtain sperm samples.

An internal prostate massage tends to be more effective than external - which is often where anal toys such as plugs and beads come in. Plugs and beads are often better as an introduction to anal sex than penetration or pegging - mostly because they're smaller than a penis or dildo and easier to insert (although lube is still essential). As the P spot is in a different place on different men, some might find a particular toy is better than another, or it might take a few tries to get the best results - it's definitely easier to find than the G-spot, though. Butt plugs are generally used to add prostate stimulation to other sexual activity and thus can help with a more intense orgasm and greater stamina.

A lot of straight guys don't like the idea of anything up their ass and might be reluctant to try an internal massage - but if they do they might realize exactly what they've been missing. It absolutely does not mean you're gay - it just means you're a normal guy (Of course, there's nothing at all wrong with being gay).

So, why does a prostate massage do the thing? It has a lot of nerve endings in it, for one thing. The prostate actually plays a key role in sex - it produces most of the fluid in semen (as opposed to the actual sperm). As it contracts during ejaculation, it's not a surprise that it can be stimulated - it plays a role in orgasms and fertility even if you aren't looking for it.

So, try it or get your partner to try it. Make sure to use lube - and make sure the lube is rated for anal play (some lubes are only designed to supplement natural vaginal fluids or to use on toys) - and discover an entire new level of pleasure.

April 27, 2017


Types of Breast and Nipple Toys

Breast and nipple toys are used to enhance breast stimulation during foreplay. There are two basic kinds of nipple toys - clamps and suckers or pumps.

Nipple clamps are rubber or metal clamps that are applied to the nipple. In some cases, they have weights, feathers or chains attached to them to increase the sensation. They are often designed to be pleasing to the eye as well as adding stimulation. Nipple clamps come in different "strengths" to apply different levels of pressure on the nipple depending on the person's preference. Although nipple clamps look intimidating, they are generally adjustable and some of them come with small vibrators. Nipple clamps that are chained together are often used for kinky effects and are considered part of the bondage sphere - imagine the pressure when your partner tugs gently on the chain - in fact, some sets include a clitoral clamp. Clamps make a good temporary alternative to nipple piercings - and non-piercing nipple rings are also available.

Suckers or pumps are designed to increase blood flow to the nipple and breast before sex, which then increases stimulation from other sources such as manual stimulation. Breast pumps can also cause a temporary increase in breast size and encourage breast erections, depending on their size and design. Some of them vibrate for added fun or for solo play.

For the most part, nipple toys are used by women - but the breasts are an erotic zone on men too. Nipple clamps and suckers that are designed for the male breast or to be unisex are also available. The principles are the same - to make nipple play better and more intense. Vibrating clamps or suckers are also good for solo play - providing the ability for controlled stimulation at the touch of a button. Primarily, though, nipple toys are designed to improve foreplay and to remind couples just how sensitive nipples - on both sexes - can be if properly prepared. In some cases, they are also designed to apply just enough subtle pain to increase the intensity of the orgasm - which is why they are very popular with the bondage crowd.

Nipple clamps are generally used during foreplay. Suckers may be used right before to quietly increase blood flow before starting to play. You may not, though, want to take the clamps off as many of them are designed to look quite stunning. Keep the lights on and enjoy the view before and during sexy time.

Enjoy special stimulation with nipple clamps or suckers and learn just how much they can increase the strength and quality of orgasms.

April 17, 2017


Feed The Female Sex Drive

So, you enjoy sexy times - but your libido is not what you want it to be. If you're a woman, you might well be wishing there was a little pill you could take to fix it. Or, you could look on your dinner plate - here are some foods that will help perk up your sex drive.

1. Red meat - preferably grass-fed beef. True, too much red meat can be bad for you, but a bit can help - it contains plenty of zinc, which increases your testosterone (did you know that women need enough testosterone to be sexually healthy?)

2. Salmon and other fatty fish - improves circulation, including blood flow to the genitals. Oh, and it's good for your mood, too, and if your mood is good, you're more likely to want some play time.

3. Eggs - eggs boost energy and focus and contain a lot of Vitamin B6, which balances sexual hormone levels. The protein content will also boost your stamina without adding too many calories.

4. Chocolate - because we all know chocolate is an aphrodisiac, as well as relaxing you, and well...enough of it can be almost as good as sex anyway - chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which releases the same endorphins as sex. Besides, an excuse to eat chocolate?

5. Oats - oats boost testosterone and contain L-arginine. L-arginine is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men, but it can also help support blood flow to the clitoris. Hrm. How about oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?

6. Watermelon - which some researchers say is even better than chocolate. It also contains a precursor of L-arginine and appears to increase libido.

7. Avocados - hand over the guac - avocadoes contain healthy fats which improve vaginal lubrication and thus make sex more pleasurable. Unpleasant vaginal sex can lead to anxiety which can then feed back in and kill your libido altogether.

8. Strawberries - pretty much all berries contain great antioxidants and lots of vitamin C, which helps sexual functioning (in both men and women). Why strawberries? Because they taste good with chocolate - there's a reason chocolate covered strawberries are a traditional Valentine's day gift.

What about foods to avoid? Alcohol, especially as it can lead to bad decisions about sex. Caffeine can increase anxiety, which lowers sex drive. And diet soda - especially if sweetened with aspartame, which affects serotonin levels and depresses overall mood.

So, eat better and have more fun - but don't overdo the red meat. And stop searching for that famed female viagra.

March 21, 2017


Are All Vibrators The Same?

A vibrator, generally, is a powered device designed to give sexual pleasure to women, although some types are also suitable for anal play by men. There are overall several types of vibrator.

Clitoral massagers are made to be used directly on the clitoris - they come in varying shapes and sizes to suit differences in anatomy. Some of them come with remote control or are designed to mimic the sensation of oral sex.

G spot vibrators are internal vibrators designed to make it particularly easy to find a woman's "G spot." Some are also designed to stimulate the clitoris. These vibrators are designed for vaginal insertion and sometimes sculpted to resemble a penis.

Wand massagers can be used both as a vibrator and as a "body massager" for relaxation - in fact, they are very good for relieving muscle aches after physical exertion. They tend to be stronger than other sex toys and are generally used through clothing. Wand massagers also come in a mini size for travel use.

Rabbit vibrators are so called because they have a clitoral stimulator that looks like a set of rabbit ears. They are designed for simultaneous internal and external stimulation, and are considered a symbol of female sexuality.

And finally, for the guys, prostate massagers are internal anal vibrators designed for prostate stimulation and to help guys find their P spot. So, yes, vibrators are not just for women. (Although women who enjoy anal play might try an anal vibrator too).

So - all different kinds of vibrators. Which one is best? It depends! Women who do not get much from vaginal penetration might be most comfortable with a clitoral massager. A wand massager has the advantage of actually being good for those sore spots as well, but may be too powerful for some users. Some women consider rabbit vibes the ultimate sex toy.

Within these categories, there are hundreds of different shapes and styles - and colors - making the choice even harder. It's a shame there aren't vibrator libraries where we can go try a few out! The right vibrator depends on the kind of stimulation you prefer, where you want to use it (If you travel a lot, you probably want a mini wand), and your body - which you know better than anyone else. Regardless, though, if you take the time to look you can be sure and certain the right vibrator is out there for you. It might not be the same one that is right for your best friend - so remember, it's all personal!

March 01, 2017


Why Anal Douche?

An "anal douche" is a rather sexier way of saying enema.

Anal douching is practised by many gay men and by women who enjoy anal play. An anal douche is used to clean out the lower part of the anus and intestinal system before sex so that there are fewer nasty surprises. Not everyone finds them necessary - it depends on how "clean" you tend to be in general, and how tight your movements are. Excessive douching can lead to problems with the balance of the gut bacteria - anal douches have to be used correctly.

Always clean a douche before using, do not use soap - use plain tepid water or products designed for anal cleaning. Soap can cause irritation. Oh, and use lube first. Douching should be done about 45 minutes before you plan to have sex.

There are several different kinds of anal douche out there. Bulb douches are the easiest to use and often the cheapest. They give a relatively shallow cleanse - so if you are using large dildos or fisting they might not be enough. For that, shower douches - which are connected to the shower or tub faucet and can provide a variety of pressure. Water bag douches can also provide a deeper cleanse and are easier for travel.

Douche nozzles can be plain or grooved/beaded. Grooved nozzles are found to be more pleasurable by some but cause discomfort to others - you might want to try more than one to see what is best for you. The size and length of the nozzle is another variable that - well, it depends on how you are put together downstairs.

Bulb douches are sufficient for most and are the cheapest and easiest to use - look at the various types and see which one is right for you. Both bulb and shower douches can also be purchased with attachments for both vagina and anal douching - for women who enjoy both kinds of penetration or couples.

Again, always use tepid, plain water for anal douching, and do not douche too often - only do it when the planned play makes it necessary. As long as you are careful, anal douching is safe and can significantly help reduce the mess. It can also reduce the higher risk of urinary tract infections that can come from practising anal sex. So - prepare properly for your fun and find the right anal douche for you and/or your partner. Be willing to experiment - you might need to try two or three before getting it right.

February 08, 2017


Surprising Benefits of Masturbation

Ever been told masturbation will make you go blind? That particular old wives' tale still circulates widely. Masturbation is also seen as detrimental to normal sexual relationships and possibly as having a negative effect on male fertility. Much of the negative hype, though, is really about sexual prudery, not health.

In fact, in most cases, a bit of happy solo time is beneficial to your health - and there is no reason to feel any shame about it.

For men, masturbation may help prevent prostate cancer - it cleans out the urogenital tract and prevents the build up of toxins. Of course, having sex has the same effect - but if you don't have a current partner, then masturbation is just as good. And for women, it can reduce the risk of UTIs and increase blood flow to the vagina. This is particularly important for post menopausal women, who might find regular masturbation will make normal heterosexual sex more comfortable by reducing dryness and narrowing. For older men, it can have similar benefits - helping get and sustain better erections by working out the muscles that support healthy sex - and of course it can keep you, as the ED drug adds say, "Healthy enough for sexual activity."

For both sexes, masturbation can help reduce anxiety, it can help you sleep, and it can improve self esteem and self love - after all, you have sex with people you love, right? Oh, and for women, masturbation, especially with vibrators or toys, can actually improve sex with a partner by helping them know what they want and where the G-spot is. If you can't find it yourself, how can you tell your partner where it is? For men, masturbation can be a great way to practice taking longer - good for you and your partner.

Experiencing more orgasms in general is good for your vagina if you have one, for your heart, for your immune system and for your mood. So, especially if you are currently not getting laid enough, don't worry about enjoying some solo fun, with or without toys or tools.

Now, yes, masturbation can cause problems - if you do it too much. But as long as it isn't interfering with your work, your family, or your relationship with your partner or partners - then there's no health problems to worry about. Yes, sex addiction is a thing, but don't let it get in between you and the very real benefits. Your eyesight will not be affected at all.
January 27, 2017


Choosing The Right Sex Toy

Sex toy is a wonderful way to get to know yourself better and have fun in the process, but picking the right one for you tends to be a very personal matter. Everyone has at least a slightly different preference when it comes to those most intimate moments in the bedroom. If you have a significant other, sex toys can even be a way to spice things up and bring you even closer to your partner. Luckily for everyone, there's likely to be a toy to suit your own personal needs. Shopping online does add a level of discretion, and lets you take advantage of everything from customer service support to user reviews.

How do you know for sure which sex toy is right for you? While the answer could be summarized as simply choosing the toy that turns you on, most will need to understand what each type of toy does before being able to know for sure. Lets take a look at some of the more commonly used sex toys.

Dildos [For women, men, and couples]

Dildos are often made to resemble a penis, but they do come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Dildos are used primarily for penetration, whether its in the vagina, or wherever you would like to use it. Some dildos have suction cups at the base, so you can attach them to, lets say, the side of your bath tub and ride it to ultimate climax, hands free.

When you're looking for a dildo, the most important factor is usually size. Most of the time, the length and circumference of the dildo will be listed in details. The average size of dildos tends to be about 5 to 6 inches in length, which is perfect for most women. If you're looking for a way to feel some climactic penetration without the need for batteries, a dildo is an excellent choice.

Vibrators [For women, men, and couples]

Vibrators come in many forms, but the most popular are the bullet vibrator and the rabbit style vibrator. A bullet is a very small vibrator, usually no bigger than your thumb, that women and couples use to provide clitoral stimulation. Many women swear by them, as they're portable and you can easily hide them in purse. Rabbit style vibrators are essentially dildos with an attached clitoral vibrator, so you get double the pleasure. Some rabbit vibrators have rotating beads or heads that will stimulate the g-spot to help you reach an even higher level of ecstasy. Men can gain pleasure from prostate vibrators as well, as the p-spot are stimulated in the similar way to that a g-spot. Some are battery powered, but newer vibrators are offering the convenience of USB charging. If you want more intense stimulation, vibrators are definitely the go-to toy.

Male Masturbator [For men and couples]

Masturbators or masturbation sleeves are textured "sleeves" that are made so that the man can insert his penis and stroke away to ecstasy. Sometimes they resemble vaginas, but some have additional textures to give you sensations that you may not be able to get from the "real thing". If you're looking to either make your masturbation session more pleasurable and are tired of the same old hands, then a masturbation sleeve is the way to go.

One of the most popular masturbator is the Fleshlight. They come in a sturdy plastic case with a latex masturbation sleeve inside. The case keeps it firm and tight, and can even provide suction to enhance the experience, as well as making for a discrete look so you don't have to worry about anyone noticing what it is. There are a variety of textures, from ridges to spirals, to really take you to the next level of pleasure. Cleanup is a breeze, since you can just remove the cap on the end and rinse with warm water.

Cock Rings [For men and couples]

Cock rings are rings that you place on the penis during arousal. They can serve to keep the penis harder, or they can enhance pleasure for both you and your partner. Some of them have bullet vibrators attached to them to enhance pleasure for both the man that is wearing it and also provide clitoral stimulation for the woman that he is with. It can also turn the entire penis into a vibrator itself if the vibrations are strong enough. A cock ring can definitely be a fun addition to play time in the bedroom.

Now that you know a bit about each of the types of sex toys, the next step is to consider what type of pleasure you think you enjoy the most.

November 18, 2016


Adult toys brings spark in your romantic life

All around the world, you will find plenty of people who are unsatisfied with their sexual partners and are looking for ways to satisfy their physical requirements. The use of sex toys are one such way which makes them feel at ease and brings a satisfactory smile on their face. Popularity of sex toys have also increased significantly in the contemporary days as couples are giving their consent to the fact that there is a mismatch of sex drive.

The intimate relationship between you and your partner can be boosted through the valuable addition of these toys which possess the feature of tickling your senses and enhancing your sexual experience. With everything being available in the online market, the adult toys are also offered for you at several online stores.

We are always on their toes to come up with some exciting and exclusive toys that can spice up the passion in the individual and might develop the excitement which gives them great delight. Your entire experience of physical intimacy might be developed excellently through these toys and it also fills you with a playful and blissful feeling that you will love to enjoy with your partner. The purpose is to heighten the pleasure of the individual and give them great orgasm experience which stimulates their experience to an enormous level.

Some couples are facing great issues in their relationship mostly because they are left unsatisfied in the physical lovemaking that takes place between them. These sex toys can be the key to resolve the sexual differences and to strengthen their romantic relationship in a way likes never before. It not only gives wing to your happiness but it also enhances their romantic life with their partner.

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