Why Guys Wake Up With an Erected Penis (Morning Wood)?

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Every guy has woken up from a deep sleep and, with tiny song birds chirping outside his window and his elderly neighbor whistling merrily in the garden next door, looked down with blurry eyes to be greeted by…a massive erection.

It can strike at the most awkward times. Morning wood doesn’t care if you’re spending the weekend on your grandma’s couch and she’s just walked in to surprise you with Mickey Mouse pancakes. It doesn’t care if your girlfriend went to bed angry and likely would not appreciate being saluted by Mini-You first thing in the morning. But, despite its tendency to show up uninvited, morning wood is completely natural and actually indicative of a healthy penis.

The Misconception
Unsurprisingly, people often associate morning wood with sexual arousal. After all, it is an erection, which would seem to imply some degree of provocation. However, that’s not always the case. Morning wood, or nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), is more commonly linked with your body’s natural progress through the stages of the REM cycle. It has nothing to do with being so obsessed with sex that you can’t even sleep without thinking about it. So, what exactly is going on?

Wood-ology 101
There are a few different reasons why you might wake up with an erection. The most common explanation has to do with your REM cycle. The journey through this cycle involves increased blood flow to certain parts of your body, including your penis, resulting in 3 to 5 erections during the night and early morning. Also, some scientists believe that, while you sleep, certain neurons that would normally prevent you from getting an erection aren’t being discharged. Their absence lets your hormones have a field day, resulting in NPT.

There is also evidence suggesting that a full bladder can cause morning wood. The bladder can start to press against nerves that control erections. Not to mention, you know how hard it is to pee when you have an erection. Morning wood could be Mother Nature doing you a solid and preventing you from wetting the bed.

Why It’s a Good Thing
Even though it can be embarrassing, you should be thankful for your morning wood. If you never experience it, it could mean that you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Or, if you already suspect that you have erectile dysfunction, morning wood can be used to determine if your problem is psychological or physiological. If you get an erection in your sleep but not when you’re expected to perform, it could mean that you have an anxiety problem.

Next time you wake up with morning wood, don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed of it. It doesn’t mean you only have one thing on your mind, and it doesn’t mean your body is expecting any kind of favors. It just means things are in physical working order down there, which you will probably agree is a good thing.

5 Sex Toys You Need To Be a Sexual Magnet

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You can meet your perfect woman at the bar, coffee shop or library. You only get one chance to make a sexual first impression. Impress her, stimulate her, and make her wonder where you have been all this time.


Women like - and dislike - all kinds of cologne. The only way to make sure you don’t ruin your chances of getting some female attention with your scent is to skip your cologne and go right for the pheromone spray. Why impress her nose when you can chemically connect right to her brain? Pheromones are nature’s shortcut.

Penis Enlarger

Once you have her home and interested, make sure you give her an eyeful with a penis enlarger. Everyone could use a little boost and that is just what a penis enlarger does. Give yourself an edge in the bedroom with a little extra cock-a-doodle-you.

Prolong Sprays

You have her at your place, she’s impressed with what you have to offer and is ready to get down. Now is when all the looks in the world go out the window. Make sure when you make her beg for more you can actually deliver with a prolong spray.

Nipple & Clit Pumps

Maybe you are not the only one who would like a little extra size in the bedroom. If your woman wants a little puff to her nipples or a little extra square footage on her clitoris to let all those lovely nerves get all the sensation they possibly can, these will be your go-to product. Be gentle. Or not. Her nipples and clitoris, her rules.

Glass Toys

If the sensations from using nipple and clitoris pumps don’t have her going insane with pleasure, take her over the edge with a glass dildo. Glass will take a temperature change well and when you pour warm water in a bowl and pre-soak your glass dildo for about ten minutes, she will feel it as a cozy, intimate sensation. If she is a little edgy, put the glass toy in the refrigerator for ten minutes or so. The cold will cause her muscles to clench and she will be unable to stop the sensations travelling through her body.

She will look at you, amazed, and wonder how she ever enjoyed sex before she knew you.

BDSM in Singapore

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BDSM Sexy Girl SingaporeBDSM encompasses so many elements -- and not all have to be mutually inclusive -- that it can be confusing to beginners. However, BDSM toys focus on implements that are typically used for bondage or discipline -- or both!.

Bondage Toys

There are as many ways to tie a person up as there are people in the world. Bondage items often include cuffs made of neoprene, leather or even silk; although, you should be careful with silk as it can tighten and cut off blood flow. Rope is always useful if you're an expert at tying knots, and you can use plastic wrap or specifically-created bondage tape, which only sticks to itself and nothing else, to keep your partner enthralled and bound.

Of course, cuffs often connect to one another, but they can also connect to all sorts of systems, from restraints that hang over the door to those that tuck under the mattress to spreader bars that keep ankles spread. Experienced bondage players might use ball gags as a type of bondage for the mouth, arm wraps that bind arms completely behind a person's back or blindfolds and face masks to further immobilize their partner.

There's a perfect item no matter your level of experience. Beginner-friendly Velcro cuffs are easy to get out of it you're skittish or worried about kids or roommates busting in on your play time. More advanced cuffs can be locked with padlocks, and some restraints function similarly to belts. Keep a paramedic safety scissors or wire cutter nearby to remove bonds during a time of emergency.

Discipline Sex Toys

Toys for discipline are typically designed to create an uncomfortable and sometimes painful sensation, usually across the butt and thighs where there is plenty of fat to protect the body during impact. Paired with the loss of control, this can be highly erotic to people. Discipline BDSM toys include:

  • Paddles
  • Canes
  • Floggers
  • Whips
  • Riding crops

You can also improvise with wooden spoons, belts and other household items. Some items span the bridge between bondage and discipline. For example, a chatty partner might find a ball gag to be both because it stops her from talking. Similarly, someone who is visual might feel particularly thwarted when made to worn a blindfold, and this makes play time all the more fun!

7 Darkest Fantasies #5 Is Absolutely Crazy!

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blonde girl's fantasies

Sex is a normal part of life, and sexual desire is in all of us! Don’t worry, just because a person has a sexual fantasy, this does not make that person a sex freak. We will share with you the 7 darkest secrets!

#1: Random Person

Although it might seem a little strange, it is not uncommon at all for a person to have sexual fantasies about a complete stranger. Sometimes, the stranger isn't really a stranger, rather a waiter at a restaurant or the barista serving coffee at the local Starbucks. But whatever way you want to look at it, don't pretend that you haven't thought a time or two about a stranger you'd like to snuggle up with under the covers!

#2: Orgies

This common sexual fantasy may or may not be one of yours. If you have the strong belief that sex should stay between two people, then group sex is probably not one of your fantasies, but for many people it is. And for those that do have this fantasy, to them, it's usually the more, the merrier.

#3: Getting Smacked Around

Getting smacked around isn't like getting raped, so you should understand that there is a difference, as long as the "getting smacked around" isn't too forceful or unwanted and because many men do play a role of dominance in the bedroom, many women have a fantasy of being the dominant one.

#4: Sex Toys Galore

Although some people never make their way into a sex toy shop, they do fantasize about using them. If you happen to be one of those people, you need to realize that using sex toys is quite common, and if you go about it safely, it's very sanitary and the toys can really arouse you in ways you never knew you could be aroused.

#5: Letting Other People Watch

Most people would never let an audience watch them have sex, but they sure do fantasize about it. In fact, some of them take the fantasy so far as to taping themselves having sex and then watching the tape at a later time.

#6: Swinging the Other Way

While it may not be a fantasy for many men to be with another guy, for women, being with another girl is a major turn on. Even though, most women would never swing the other way, this isn't to say they don't fantasize about it from time to time.

#7: Three-Way

This is kind of like the orgy fantasy, but with only three people. And it depends on the person doing the fantasizing as to which sexes are involved. It could be three females, two females and a guy, two guys and a female or three guys. And yes, this is a fantasy that we believe has been lived out by many.

Share your fantasies with us!

How to Regain your Sex Life After Childbirth

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The effects of pregnancy and childbirth often leaves a woman physically and hormonally in need of rest. Carrying a child, giving him/her all your nutrients and physical protection for nine months may seem a natural process, and it is, but that doesn't mean the body is not effected. Creating another human being within your womb is magical, but 24/7 for nine months of your life every bit of your energy system, food sources and blood chemistry, your immunity system and mental stamina is devoted to one purpose. It makes sense that for the rest of that year, your body will need to restore itself.

The actual process of delivering a child is a major force of life requiring stamina, energy and force that drains every cell of your body. The hormones required to keep that process going until the work is done drains every system of the body as well. Having a baby is work. The delivery process can also require a lot of physical healing. The body may look healed from the outside very quickly, but the inside has a lot of healing and repair to complete also.

When a couple takes the newborn home, this small human being impacts the environment around him/her in ways you never thought possible. Constant concern, lack of sleep and many adjustments to scheduling and availability. There's no wonder mood changes, arguments and feelings of being overwhelm start to erode even the best of relationships. If a new mother is healing physically, hormonally and emotionally after six weeks, there is no need to be concerned. Once the body is ready, and the new couple adjusts to the parental routine, they will start to remember who they were when they first met. Feeling for each other will blossom once again if the couple has been understanding and patient with each other.

Sexual attraction is a dynamic force that can return all on its own in some relationships, but often it will take some consideration and effort to bring healing to wounded feelings. If the child's new father realizes that this baby has drained his woman of her life force in order to survive, he can actively help her renew her physical and emotional strength. Excellent healthy foods, fruits, salads and comfort foods like meat and potatoes with gravy show your affection and concern for her. She may object because she is worried about what you think about the changes to her body, but starving herself to try to lose her "baby weight" causes the body to store fat not use it.

Try just holding her, kissing and nuzzling without any expectation for sex. If after two-three months, she is still worried about having sex, make sure you take her to her OBS/GYN to get an ok from her doctor. He will have some valuable information to help her. Romancing isn't a one-time thing, keep finding ways to encourage the old feelings.

The only time to start introducing vibrators and sex toys is after she gives the green light go ahead physically. Start slowly or you will find the process going backward. Sex toys can be a lot of fun for couples once the new mothers' body is fully healed.

Where to buy Sex Toys in Singapore?

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pretty asian girl lying on bed

Buying sex toys in Singapore is a very personal decision. You have two choices when it comes to deciding where to buy these toys: online or at a brick and mortar store. Many people these days are utilizing the power of the Internet to fulfill their desire for sex toys without the disadvantages experienced by going out to do so.


If you are like most people, you want to experience the advantages of sex toys for yourself. The number one reason for many people who do not do so is often the embarrassment factor. Even if you are quite sure that you will not run into any of your friends at a brick and mortar store, you will have to contend with the fact that there will be other people there, watching your every move.

Using an online retailer eliminates this fear of embarrassment. You can visit the website at your leisure, browsing among the selection without worrying about someone looking over your shoulder as you shop.

Customer Service

The customer service at an online retailer caters to those people who have lots of questions. Regardless of your level of experience with sex toys, you can find tips, resources and recommendations to meet your needs. The customer service team has been trained to help answer your questions and provide you with the best options for you.

If you were to visit a brick and mortar store, you might find yourself hesitant to ask for advice and recommendations from the person behind the counter. Not only is there the issue with your level of embarrassment and comfort when it comes to asking a stranger about such an intimate product, but you are left wondering what that person is thinking of you.


When you buy from a bricks and mortar store, the price you pay has to be high enough for the store owner to make a profit. Employees need to be paid as well as the rent and utilities. This can increase the markup of a simple sex toy greatly.

Online retailers only have a fraction of the costs that a brick and mortar shop must contend with, allowing to pass on this advantage to our customers. An online store has no overhead in terms of rent and is able to keep its employee base quite low. For you, the customer, this translates into prices that are significantly lower than those you find in brick and mortar stores.


While a brick and mortar store is limited in the selection it can offer due to space constraints, an online store has no such limitations. This means they can offer a wide variety of different sex toys that make it easier for you to find the ones that you like.


10 Ways to Get Her Interested in You

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You found the perfect girl for your romantic moments, but now you are not sure what to do next? Here are ten ways to get her interested in you so you can move on to the next step.

1. Drop the Cheesy Pickup Lines

Those tired lines about how you heard she was looking for Mr. Right, so you came over to introduce yourself will not get you far with her. Instead, just a simple greeting and asking about her day are easy ways to get her to talk.

2. Keep Silences Short

Awkward silences are just that: awkward. When the silence drags on for too long, think of something you know will get her talking: her pets, her outfit, her friends.

3. Be Mysterious

When talking with the girl of your dreams, don't spill all your secrets at once. Remain a man of mystery, and keep her guessing.

4. Don't Talk Too Much

It can be easy to talk nonstop about what interests you in an effort to show her how interesting you are. Try not to do this, though, unless it is a passion that you both share. Otherwise, you could see her eyes glaze over with boredom.

5. Compliment Her

Every girl likes to be noticed so make sure you let her know that you think she's pretty. Be specific, though, by saying that you like her eyes or the way her hair looks that day.

6. Talk to Other Girls

Just because you are interested in one girl does not mean that you should stop talking to other girls. Talking to them can make her realize that she likes you.

7. Make Her Smile

Everyone loves to laugh, and if you can get a girl to smile, or even laugh, that can go a long way to making her want to be around you even more.

8. Put Some Space in Between You Two

Spending time with her is a great way to let her see how perfect you are for her, but make sure you give her the time and space she needs so that she misses you. This will get her longing about the next time she sees you again.

9. Take Time to Get to Know Her

Ask about her life. Learn about what makes her happy. Find out what she likes to do to have fun.

10. Let her Know You are Thinking About Her

Tell her about a great website you think she might like, based on her interests, or a hit movie that you think she should see.

This list is full of ideas to help you get the girl you like to notice you. Have fun with it!

Why People Choose Glass Toys?

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Glass DildoA single glance at glass sex toys may cause people to wonder why anyone would want to incorporate these items into their foreplay/sexual activity. Glass sex toys appear cold, impersonal, and potentially dangerous, but there are a number of very good and valid reasons why people like these types of sex toys.

Sex toys made out of medical grade borosilicate and are the preferred sex toy of choice for many people. Reasons for choosing this type of sex toy over other types, including plastic or silicone, range from its ability to transmit and retain heat in a natural way to the easy of cleaning the toy after use.

The following are some of the most popular reasons people are choosing to use glass sex toys.

A New Unique Sensation

People looking to explore new, unique sensations during foreplay or sexual activity will find glass sex toys helpful. The smooth, non-porous material used to make the sex toy creates a very unique sensation – it is cool, yet occasionally warm and very smooth. Many people find the unique sensations created by a glass sex toy to be extremely arousing.

Enhance Sexual Activity with Choice of Hot or Cold Temperatures

One of the most popular reasons people choose glass sex toys is because they have the ability to choose between hot or cold temperatures. Many people find extreme hot or cold temperatures enhance sexual activity. Unfortunately, some sex toys only allow hot or cold, but not glass sex toys.

Glass sex toys can be heated up using warm water or cooled down in the freezer or fridge. This makes them extremely diverse and allows individuals to customize their sexual with hot/cold without having to purchase multiple toys.

Easy to Clean Up

The non-porous surface on glass sex toys is extremely easy to clean up after use. All it takes is a little warm water and mild soap, and the toy is clean and ready to be used again.

In addition to the ability to quickly and easily clean up the sex toy after use, glass sex toys are safe from potential bacteria growth. Some sex toys have extremely porous surfaces, which makes them perfect breeding grounds for the growth of bacteria. The smooth, non-porous surface of glass sex toys keeps people safe by eliminating the potential for bacteria to grow.

Warm, Natural Feel

Many people assume glass sex toys are cold and impersonal, but they are actually warm. The type of glass that is used for sex toys has the ability to slowly warm up over time. Once the glass sex toy has warmed up, it has the unique ability to retain that heat for a period of time.

This gradual warm up time is very similar to what happens during sexual activity. Many people find the gradual warm up period to be very arousing.

There are just some of the many reasons why people are choosing to incorporate glass sex toys into their foreplay or sexual activity.

Benefits of Masturbation

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Bnaughty Pink

Masturbation has been proven to have a number of benefits to the mental and physical health of a person. Research statistics show that people who embrace masturbation live a more fulfilling and vibrant life. Apart from the sexual satisfaction that one gets, the following are its other benefits:

Improves One’s Immunity

Ejaculation increases the levels of cortisol hormone. This hormone is important in the regulation and maintenance of the immunity system. In a world where everybody is struggling for a healthy life, this seems like a free ticket to attaining that.

A Big Boost to Your Moods

Neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin are released during masturbation. As a result, maximum satisfaction and high spirits derived from it.

A big barrier to cancerous diseases

You can be your own doctor in preventing dangerous diseases from finding their way into your body system. According to a 2003 research, men who ejaculated 5 times a week are at lower risk of contracting prostate cancer. The toxins that cause the disease are known to accumulate in the urogenital tract. By ejaculating, these toxins are flushed out.

It Makes the Pelvic Floor Muscles Active

As one gets older, the muscles also become weak. But by masturbating, especially in men, the pelvic floor muscles are kept active hence preventing incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Why Sex Toys are Useful for Masturbation and Sex

When sex toys are brought into the picture, things get even better. The toys are big facilitators to this process and they make it even more meaningful. There are plenty of toys that will stimulate one during masturbation and get the most out of it. The toys are found in different designs and makes, and so the choice will depend on one’s personal preferences.

Even amongst couples, there isn’t a greater way of spicing up the bedroom experience. It is the single largest idea that will help you take your love to the next level. When the toys are combined with the tender-loving touches and caresses, the sexual encounter will be a breathtaking one.

Masturbation has been scientifically proven to enhance health among both singles and couples. The toys make sex more interesting and as a couple, the bonds between you are bound to get even stronger. Sex toys are a big boost to masturbation, and are a great sexual intercourse enhancer. 

Spice up your bedroom with sex toys

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Black Lelo Tiani 2

When a couple first gets together, there is a great deal of excitement as they get to know one another. From their favorite type of music and cuisine to how they like their shirts folded, the excitement of learning about each other part of the excitement of being together. Like other aspects of their life together, learning what their partner likes in the bed adds anticipation and excitement and helps to solidify the relationship.

However, over time, as two people get to know each other well, their life together can become rather predictable. This invariably seems to happen as they reach the long term relationship stage. Life together can almost seem tedious, and it often happens that they fall into a rut of doing the same things over and over.

While this sort of approach might work well for some aspects of life, such as cutting down on the amount of time spent doing mundane tasks, it can be a mood killer in the bedroom. Doing the same things over and over again in the bedroom can make sex seem almost like a chore instead of an exciting time of anticipation. Too often during these times, the mind will wander due to the difficulty in staying focused.

Some of the ways couples can add excitement to their sex life include trying new positions, experimenting with new lotions and exploring various sex toys. Having a range of different options at their disposal allows a couple to change things up in the bedroom so they can more easily stave off boredom. While trying a variety of positions and new lotions is a good place to start, there are only so many ways that the body can bend before it gets tedious and there are only so many lotions out on the market.

Using sex toys adds an element of surprise and naughtiness to a bedtime routine. While many of the toys available are pretty much self explanatory when it comes to using them, having fun and experimenting allow a couple to tailor the fun to their own unique likes and desires. Even those toys that have a slight learning curve can be fun to learn when a couple do so together.