Clean, Lube, Store, Love - Taking Care of Sex Toys 101

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Sex toys are a fun, satisfying way to get more out of your X-rated activities, and knowing the right way to take care of them will keep you enjoying "The Big O" for years. Here are a few tips for storing your dildos, vibrators and more:

Extreme Pleasure, Not Extreme Temperatures

Keeping your toys too hot or too cold can lead to material issues like softer substances breaking down, or batteries running out before they should. If your bedside table or dresser drawer is close to a heating or air conditioning vent, it's a good idea to either insulate or relocate your toys. 

Clean Them After Every Session

It's totally understandable that you just want to roll over and take a well-deserved nap after a romp between the sheets, but do your sex toys a favor and hit the bathroom first for a little scrubdown. Following the manufacturer's instructions (don't submerge an electronic toy unless it's fully waterproof, for instance) use a mild soap and water to clean off any surface that's been in your body. If using anal toys, be sure the soap is anti-bacterial, or use a condom on the toy during play, which can then simply be removed and tossed afterward. If you have a lot of trouble with non-nap motivation, consider picking up a pack of toy wipes for a quick clean that doesn't require leaving the bed - just be sure you give your toys the full treatment after you wake up.

Take Out The Batteries

A lot can happen between uses of a sex toy - you might neglect it for a new favorite, or find yourself short on time to enjoy it. Taking the batteries out of battery-operated toys will keep them fresh and help them retain power between uses, regardless if that's months or weeks. Left in an powered-down toy, batteries will slowly leach power until your favorite vibrator is DOA, and that's no way to start a night of erotic fun.

Check Your Lubricants - The Bottled Kind

There are essentially three types of sexual lubricants available in the adult products market.

  • Water-based lube, which is good for all toys and body uses and washes off easily.

  • Silicone lube, which is good for long-lasting applications like anal sex, a little harder to clean off, and should not be used on silicone or silicone-blend toys.

  • Hybrid lube, which combines both types but still shouldn't really be used on silicone or silicone blend toys.

Silicone and silicone don't get along well together, so using the wrong type of lube for your adult toy's material could lead to the surface deteriorating or flaking away. If you'd like to use silicone lube on a silicone toy, just put a condom on the toy first to provide a barrier and protect your favorite dildo, vibrator or butt plug.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for sex toys or taking care of the ones you already have. Properly cared for, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite bedroom toys for many years to come!

Stages of a Sex Toy User

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Sex toys are often still not talked about very much. Even in these so-called 'enlightened times,' it is not a subject that is spoken of with any type of seriousness. In fact, if you are like most people, if sex toys are brought up in conversation - even with your closest friends - it is likely to be either a joke or a huge source of embarrassment. You may find, though, that your entire outlook about sex toys changes once you experience what they have to offer.

The Denial Stage

The first stage is can be classified as the Denial Stage. While everyone is different, some examples of things you might say to yourself during this stage include:

'I do not really know what sex toys are used for.'

'I do not have a use for sex toys in my life,'

'My partner and I have a fabulous sex life so we do not have the need to introduce sex toys.'

'I would never use sex toys.'

The Curiosity Stage

During this stage, you may find yourself wondering about sex toys. After all, they are pretty prevalent these days. You can find a large variety of sex toys of every shape and color online so you never even need to leave your home to learn about them. Right there in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you can read all about the various sex toys that are available as well as reviews from real-life users.

The Satisfaction Stage

The Satisfaction Stage is characterized by the realization that you can enhance those times when you are alone so that you are able to get rid of some excess sexual energy. This is also the stage during which you see the effectiveness of sex toys as they add another element of sensuality and excitement to your sex life with your partner. This allows you to stave off any boredom that might be seen in other types of relationships.

The Eager-For-More Stage

This stage has you acknowledging that you really need to find new toys to play with in order to fully enhance your experience. For many people, it is during this stage that they move beyond the more simple standbys in sex toys and start really exploring the options that are out there. Exciting and illuminating, the Eager-for-More Stage puts the focus of sex toys squarely on providing you with the most excitement of your life.

So, which stage do you find yourself at right now? Getting to know the stages of a sex toy user can help you realize that you are not the only one who was reluctant to use sex toys at first.

Keep Your Relationship Exciting With Sex Toys

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It is no secret that relationships are a lot of work. Once you have found a person that you want to spend time with for the long term, keeping the relationship exciting can almost seem like a full-time job. This is especially true when it comes to those more intimate times.

Life Gets in the Way

The responsibilities of life can often make your sex life dissolve so that the entire act - from foreplay to completion - seems almost like it is running automatically. When you factor in time away from home for work and school, as well as responsibilities at home, such as kids, there might even be a scheduling issue that makes it difficult to find the time to be intimate with your loved one.

Life Saps Your Energy

It seems like as life throws even more things at you, your energy takes a hit. Even if your daily activities are mostly the sort that you enjoy, you might discover that by the time you are able to relax at home later that evening, you energy is drained. You are not even able to muster up enough motivation to enjoy your partner in an intimate manner. This is typically why foreplay is cut out of many couples' lives.

Sex Toys to the Rescue

Sex toys can come to your rescue, making your relationship more exciting and satisfying. Sex toys can help make your partner get in the mood for sex more quickly. Often it takes a woman longer to start feeling like she wants to become intimate. This is especially true when she is tired or has had a long day. When it comes to your, and your partner's, energy levels, using sex toys can make it easier to gain satisfaction while also limiting the amount of energy that you need to expend doing so.

Cut Boredom in Your Bedroom

Relationships involve getting to know one another better. While this can help make the partnership flow more easily, it can also breed boredom. It is very easy to fall into a rut since the two of you know each other so well. While this can lead to some exciting discoveries as you get to know each other, eventually you are likely to find yourself a bit bored since you already know how the evening will play itself out.

Sex toys are so versatile that you can use them to add a sense of both fun and adventure to your lovemaking sessions. Whether you want to use only a select few toys to enhance his-and-her experiences or you want to build up a serious arsenal, you will be able to make every intimate experience different.

Top 4 Ways Sex Toys Can Improve Your Health

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If you are like most people who have added the adventure and fun that sex toys bring to your intimate times, then you know how good they can make you feel. It is not surprising that sex toys can bring you a great deal of pleasure, but did you know they can also be good for your overall health as well? Read on for just a few ways that regular use of sex toys in your bedroom can make you feel better.

1. Relax

How many times has this scenario happened to you? You have a stressful day at work, complete with the boss yelling at you and unprecedented traffic on your drive home so that you arrive hours later than expected. This can leave you tense and irritated. Sex toys can be used as a pleasurable way to release some of this anger and anxiety while allowing you to relax enough to enjoy the rest of your evening.

2. Destress

Stress has been proven to be a determent to optimal health. There are a number of ways this manifests itself, from depression to an increase in the incidences of stroke and heart attacks. Using sex toys, either within your relationship or on your own, helps reduce the harmful effects of having too much stress in your life.

3. Counteract the Effects of Aging

The old saying that states that you need to use it or lose it is true. Just like all the other parts of your body, if you do not use your sexual muscles, they can start to break down. One of the best ways to make sure this does not happen is by having sex regularly. Using sex toys often means that other groups of muscles are more engaged, helping to ensure that they are getting the workout they need as well.

4. Make Your Relationship Better

Healthy relationships are a necessity in order to have a long and fulfilled life. Creating intimate relationships has a myriad of benefits for everyone involved. Feeling that cohesiveness that comes from being a couple can help you more easily weather the roller coaster aspects that life tends to throw at you. While a deeper sense of intimacy does tend to come with time, using sex toys to feel closer to that special someone gives you two yet another area in which to bond over.

After all, your love and use of sex toys is not going to be something that just anyone knows about you. It is going to be a more private part of the life that the two of you share.

Top Sex Toys for the Reluctant

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There is no doubt about it - there are still many people who are reluctant to try sex toys. Whether you are looking for some sort of toy to use as a gentle introduction for a hesitant lover or you yourself are not sure if a sex toy is really something that you want to explore, these sex toys can help you ease yourself or your partner into the fun and excitement that these additions to the bedroom can bring.


Adding fun and laughter to your relationship can go far when it comes to making it last. Games are an excellent way to get both of you laughing while adding a certain naughty element to your play. You can introduce games such as the Bathtub Dice Game as a way to spice up your foreplay, for example. Like your games with a bit more action? Try an exciting and fast-paced game of Striptease Darts.


Lingerie is something that almost everyone can feel comfortable using. After all, what woman does not like to feel beautiful in what they wear? If you are buying lingerie for your lover, look for pieces that accentuate her best assets. These can be either your favorite parts of her body or those body parts that she likes.

If you are wanting to ease your way into sex toys and sex play, lingerie is a great way to do so. By choosing your favorite colors and fabrics, you can dress in a way that makes you feel ultra-feminine and sexy, all the while enjoying the fact that only you know what is under your clothes.


The sheer variety of lubes that are available these days is simply staggering. Gone on the days when using a lube was only a practical solution. Today, adding various lubes to your sex life, such as during foreplay, allows you to really engage in the skin-to-skin contact that is so important. Not only do lubes make it easier to give each other a massage, for example, they also taste and smell fantastically sexy.


Vibrators, also known affectionately as vibes, come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a lover who is reluctant to add in sex toys to your routine, it is probably not the best idea to come home with a gigantic life-size vibe that is shaped like an enormous penis. Instead ease into the idea a bit and give her some time to get used to it.

Small vibes that can be easily held in her - or your - hand are a great introduction to sex toys. Cute egg and bullet vibes allow her to enjoy immense pleasure on a more gradual level.

Sex Toy Gift Giving: What You Need to Know

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Do you have a special occasion rapidly approaching? Maybe an anniversary or birthday that you just completely forgot about? Here's a tip: no one wants an overpriced stuffed animal from the drugstore or a generic gift card to a department store - they want something that shows you really understand them and want to satisfy their desires. Sure, you could peek at their browser history or ask their friends what they're into, but let's be honest - you want a gift that you'll get to enjoy too: sex toys. (Sorry guys, that backyard grill is gonna have to wait!) Sex toy gifts are fun for both the giver and recipient, and they promote great communication and intimacy as well. Here are some tips to get you started:

Remember it's THEIR Gift

While it may be tempting to pick up a butt plug to convince a partner to try anal sex with you, or springing a 'romantic erotic massage' DVD on your partner to coax them into giving more, buy a sex toy with their needs in mind, not yours. If a sex toy gift is blatantly weighted in favor of your bedroom interests, it will come across as selfish and you may find a chilly reception between the sheets later on.

Star or Supporting Role

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, which makes them easy to 'add on' to an existing gift or become the star of a gift bag all on their own. Adding, for example, a bottle of sensual massage oil to a pack of luxurious sheets and a scented candle indicates a pleasant night of romance to come. Alternately, a high end luxury vibrator or quality male masturbator is an excellent lone gift to present to your partner in private.

Add-Ons for First Timers

If your sex toy gift is destined for a user that doesn't have a collection yet, a few thoughtful touches will help them get the most out of it. Adding a small bottle of lubricant and some toy cleaner to your gift ensures that all of your recipients new sex toys will feel great and stay clean between uses. Even a sexy DVD can help set the mood and get them in the right frame of mind to start exploring your present!

Whether you're shopping for vibrating cock rings, petite vibrators or adult toys for couples for that special celebration, you won't need that backyard grill to turn up the heat - just a few batteries!

What Should I Buy for My Girlfriend?

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Every mate gets a little nervous while thinking about a present to buy a girlfriend. A displeased woman can wreak havoc on the entire town. A girl’s birthday is one of those occasions that has to be celebrated in the most enjoyable fashion. Sex toys can be an amazing gift for your girlfriend. Sex toys make amazing gifts because:

They Keep on Giving

Sex toys are the most efficient and reusable items on the market. No one just uses them once, and neither will your girlfriend. Therefore, you will get your money’s worth of usage out of the item, and your girlfriend will enjoy all the pleasures that come from it.

They Spice up Your Sex Life

Sex toys can give your girlfriend a great deal of subliminal encouragement. They can coax her to get into a frisky mood when the two of you are alone. Additionally, you will have the option to join in as your girlfriend experiments with her new present. The use of such before lovemaking can enhance her orgasm, which will in turn enhance yours.

They Can Start a Trend

If you have never before purchased a sex toy for your girlfriend, then her first time will be fun. She may become addicted to using them for foreplay, so you may have to purchase her a new toy on every important occasion. Sex toy vendors offer a wide variety of exciting devices from which you may choose.

They Improve Mood

Sexual frustration breeds tension, which breeds conditions such as depression and anxiety. You will be contributing to your girlfriend’s emotional well-being by purchasing her a sex toy. Additionally, you can cut down on the possibility of infidelity as the years pass. Your girlfriend will be able to use her toys during times when you are away at work or business meetings.

They Can End Arguments

Sex toys are excellent for diffusing arguments. The next time you and your girlfriend have a disagreement about dinner or a football game; just give her a buzz with her new toy. Studies have shown that sex toy buzzing promotes bedroom activities and the desire to bake cookies and brownies.

You should strongly consider this option for a present. You cannot possibly go wrong by purchasing your girlfriend a sext toy for her birthday. It is truly the most economical, romantic and thoughtful present that you can give her on her special day.

Is It Alright to Buy Sex Toys as a Gift?

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So, you are thinking of giving sex toys as a gift, and you want to know if it is a good idea. The first question you must ask yourself is why you are considering giving this person a sex toy as a gift. Are you interested in having this person think about you while he or she is using the toy? Are you experienced with using such products, and you just want to spread the joy to another person? Perhaps you are just a person who likes to see a shocked reaction. The reason you are thinking of buying the sex toy does not matter, but your relationship with the receiver does.

Sex toys are a wonderful gift for a person that you have already gifted in this manner. He or she will not be surprised to find a 13-inch dildo or a set of bum beads under flowery wrappings. In fact, that person will probably be delighted to receive such an item. However, you cannot buy sex toys for a person with whom you have not discussed the topic, unless that person is your spouse or mate. It is acceptable to give your lover a sex toy for an anniversary or birthday. That way, the two of you can enjoy the wonders of the item together. You should not purchase a sex toy for a neighbor, conservative friend or parent without approaching the subject first.

How Do You Approach the Subject of Sex Toys?

That is a good question. You have to handle different people in different ways. A female friend might offer the information one day while the two of you are chatting. A male friend probably will not want to admit he uses toys. You will have to tell a story about your experience with sex toys to make him feel comfortable first. Relatives may be too nervous about their stories getting out, so you would have to promise not to inform Aunt Margaret of their interest in naughty toys.

The Bottom Line

Go ahead and give someone a sex toy as a gift. If you feel that the relationship you have with the person warrants it, then the results of giving such a gift will be positive. That person may thank you later. The worst that will happen is that everyone will get a laugh, and you will be remembered as a very unique gift giver.

Are You Up to Speed With Sex Toy Trends?

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Have you ever found yourself in line to purchase a new piece of technology, like a smartphone or tablet, only to discover that the person behind you is carrying the same product, only three generations ahead of yours? Did you ever think that same thing would happen at the adult toy store?

The sex toy industry is growing and evolving almost as fast as Apple releases iPhones. New trends in adult toys are constantly emerging that set the bar for pleasure higher and higher. If you want to avoid looking like an old fogy, standing in line with your archaic, phallic-shaped vibrator, read on to find out about some of the latest sex toy trends that are pushing boundaries and curling toes.

Porn-star branded devices
Ladies, have you dreamed of being satisfied by James Deen’s monster package? Well, now you can! At least, you can get the next best thing. Doc Johnson has an entire collection of James Deen-inspired toys, including a lifelike, 8.9 inch replica of the star’s penis. Did we mention it vibrates?

The sex toy industry hasn’t forgotten its male demographic. The Fleshlight brand has also hopped on this train, with an entire line dedicated to the replication of popular actress Lisa Ann’s delicate lady bits.

Luxury lines
Some companies have noticed that more style-savvy ladies were less than pleased with most of the sex toy industry’s cheaply packaged, less attractive products. That’s why companies like Lelo and Jimmyjane have been developing toys with style as well as functionality in mind.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your current anal toy, and would like something more aesthetically pleasing to put in your behind, check out Jimmyjane’s Form 4 vibrator, with its deep, Barry White-like vibrations and sleek design. Or, for a more futuristic feel, you might be interested in Luxotiq’s Lyssa glass dildo. It looks like something from space, but it does the trick.

High tech, low profile
One of the biggest issues with sex toys is that some products, no matter how useful, lack discretion, which is a major problem for many buyers. A new trend we’re seeing develop is the popularity of high tech sex toy gadgets that, upon a first glance, wouldn’t register to most people as a sex toy.

For instance, the Hello Touch by Jimmyjane looks more like an MP3 player than a pleasure product. It’s a finger vibe, with two pods that sit on the fingers, and it’s controlled by a panel that sits in a wrist pouch.

Or, for a truly high tech experience, Lelo has actually developed motion sensing sex toy technology over the years in the form of their SenseMotion Insignia couples’ massager line. You can control vibration intensity via a wireless remote from up to 12 meters away, giving a whole new meaning to “hands free”!

How to Give Her Multiple Orgasms?

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You have the right to be greedy when it comes to sex. That means you can have as many orgasms as you like. However, you may need the assistance of some innovative sex toys if you want to shake and shiver more than once or twice. The following sex toys will provide you with back-to-back orgasms that the neighbours will hear if you are not careful:

Vibrating Bullets of Any Kind

Vibrators are always the best choice for multiple female orgasms because they can place direct forceful pleasure on the clitoris. However, men can enjoy them too if their partners use them to tickle their perennial area and testicles. The small bullets are the best choices for flexibility, portability and creativity. Heavy experimentation with such objects can cause fierce multiple orgasms for you and your lover. The best part about using vibrators is that it takes some of the labor off the male.

Anal Beads

Anal beads can be used as extreme pleasure advocates for men and women. A male can place the bead into a woman’s secret garden while he provides oral stimulation to her clitoris. The female can provide oral delight and insert the beads into her male partner’s G-spot. Multiple orgasms are likely to occur any time multiple erogenous zones are being stimulated.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are perfect for providing the female with multiple orgasms. These tight little sex toys fit firmly around the male’s erect penis, constricting his blood flow so that his girth will increase. Additionally, cock rings delay the male’s orgasm, which gives the female more time to be greedy and have multiple orgasms.

The Magic Wand

A Magic Wand is an interesting device the hugely resembles a microphone, but the last thing you will want to do is talk to it. The Magic Wand is one of the most popular sex toys because it has an extremely strong vibration feature. You will most likely have your first orgasm within 30 seconds. In five minutes, you could qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Rabbit

The Rabbit is another sex toy that kills two birds with one stone. The base of it is a dildo, but a tiny clit tickler is attached to it, as well. You can take off from work and give yourself multiple orgasms with such a device.

A multitude of additional sex toys is on the market. It is your obligation as a consumer to try each one and record your total orgasm number.

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