November 21, 2015


Benefits of Buying Sex Toys Online

Sex toys, one of the most personal and private purchases made by an individual. Sex toys can be for just a man, just a woman, or couples. Mainstream sex toys such as lubricants as advertised on television and even maybe feathery handcuffs do exist. In reality, most areas of the country have few sex stores, maybe one and some none.  Most of these stores sell only mainstream toys, maybe dildos, and sexual outfits. Lack of competition, lack of variety, and lack of guidance from sales staff if you do find a more adventurous sex toy results in increased prices but no real variety or guidance. Honestly, how many people want to look another person in the face and ask what some sex toys do, what to start with, how to use it, how to get yourself and/or you and your partner into using sex toys.

Online stores provide privacy many people want and need. There are countless stores from all over the world online. The amount and variety of merchandise is astounding. One site alone had over 20 shapes and sizes of dildos along with an equally large collection of vibrators, nipple toys, sexercises, penis rings, rabbit vibrators, anal toys, pulsators, smart balls, metal balls, glass balls, only men toys, eggs, sex toy kits, Master-Slave Kits, and even a magic bullet that uses a USB port. Under all these areas are numerous separate toys. The websites go into full descriptions as to what the toy does to enhance pleasure, how to use the toy, and the care of these products. Some websites recommend use of medical-grade silicone over latex since they are more user friendly than latex, are more hygienic and latex ages faster than medical–grade silicone.  Competitive pricing and even abundant sales appear on numerous websites since there is so much competition for business and new product lines entering the market place.

Some of the websites suggest what and how a newbie can enter the sex toy world, should start with acting either alone or with a partner so that the experience is not embarrassing but pleasurable. You can also email questions you and /or your partner may have regarding any toy or explain what you are trying to achieve and ask for their suggestions.

Sex toys are a very profitable online business. Worldwide in 2008 it was worth $15 billion an increase of thirty percent over the previous year. China leads the market making sex toys. Online gives the best of all worlds whatever direction you and/or your partner decide to go and what you do in your bedroom it stays there. Everything is sent very discreetly so that no one can tell it is coming from an online sex shop. Therefore, for those of you interested surf the web you definitely will find guidance, variety, competitive pricing and anonymity. 

October 08, 2015


LELO Introduces a New Scented Toy!

Luxury sex toy retailer LELO is well-known for their innovation attempts. They've produced vibrators that can be controller via unique remote controls, sound-activated sex toys and insertables that mimic stroking of a finger. While not every attempt at innovation has received critical success, the folks at LELO are always looking to keep innovating. The most recent announcement is that of Lily 2, a revamped version of their original, ergonomic vibrator that can be used during sex. With this newest Lily, LELO has also introduced a scented feature.

The powers that be at LELO describe this new feature as "delicately scented." Each of the three shades -- lavender, pink and plum -- are available with their own scents: Lavender and Manuka Honey, Rose and Wisteria, and Bordeaux & Chocolat, respectively. These scents have been infused into the toy, so users will be able to experience them during play. Sex toy enthusiasts have long sought ways to increase ambiance. From sexy tunes to scented massage candles, sex toys and accessories have made this possible.

However, only time will tell if people want their sex toys to smell, too! LELO thinks that Lily 2 will enhance the mood with its gentle fragrance that doesn't need a burning wick to spice up the air. They might be right, too! Demand has already been so high that there's a backorder for the Bordeaux and Chocolat scented Lily. The three current scents are all rather feminine, which makes the newest Lily a good option for women who prefer those smells.

Aside from the new feature, LELO has also increased power from the original Lily, which the company first released Lily more than five years ago. According to the site, the second go 'round has double the power of the palm-sized massager. Lily retains the same silky, silicone finish and two-button configuration, however. Lily 2 is rechargeable like other LELO's vibrators and is now fully waterproof, so you can take it into the bath or shower with you.

The small size makes Lily 2 good for using during intercourse because it can so easily fit between your and your partner's bodies, but it can just as easily be used with an insertable or by itself during solo play time.

Lily 2 follows on the heels of Hugo, LELO's newest prostate stimulator. Hugo uses LELO's innovative remote control, which can rely on movements to increase stimulation or simulated pulses. With this remote, lovers can increase their male partner's satisfaction during intercourse or foreplay.

Lily 2 is the latest of several revamps to classic Lelo vibrators, including Mona, Siri and Gigi.

June 03, 2015


Fun for 2 - Couples Sex Toys

You've just had dinner, you've been tossing sexy looks back and forth all night - now it's time to head to the bedroom and start exploring one another as you let your passions out to play. It's possible, however, that you've been together awhile and the thought of the same positions and routine is just...well...uninspiring. Not to worry! It isn't a reflection on the way you feel about one another, or your prowess behind closed doors, it's a natural part of enjoying sex with the same person over a long period of time. Thankfully there are lots of new and exciting adult toys on the market to help you shake things up!

Foreplay Means More Play

Most shoppers considering adult toys for couples only think about vibes, dildos and other toys used during sex, but there are lots of fun possibilities designed to get your engines revved, rather than solely for the main event. Just like fine china enhances a gourmet meal or a velvet curtain inspires the audience to watch the stage, some visual flirtation may be just the thing to set the mood. Why not consider a set of naughty temporary tattoos to whet his appetite? Placed as a strategic "treasure hunt" all over your body, your lover will be eager to discover and explore every one! Further awaken his or her senses with a discreet finger vibrator that turns every touch into a tempting tingle and you'll be rewarded with lots of lusty responses.

Try Your Own 50 Shades of Grey Night

BDSM has become a very popular new area for couples to enjoy, and that means there are a ton of interesting possibilities in the world of adult toys to bring bondage to the bedroom. One of the most user-friendly beginner bondage toys is bondage tape - a soft, semi-flexible ribbon that only sticks to itself. Once you and your partner fall in lust with the amazing feeling of being tied up, you can graduate to silky wrist cuffs that delight the senses as they hold a willing captive - soft and decadent, ready to be explored. For the true BDSM masters, there's always deluxe full bed bondage kits - perfect for a long night of testing limits and teasing your lover to the peaks of satisfaction.

One of the best ways to ensure you're picking a toy or adult novelty item you'll both love is to shop together online - you'll be comfortable in your own home, enjoy discreet shipping and find out alluring things about your partner's tastes. Don't settle for boring sex when there's so much more aching to be experienced - try couples sex toys tonight!

April 18, 2015


4 Secrets For Sex Toy Shopping

Some features of adult novelties sound super-amazing but may puzzle the beginning toy user just trying to shop for something fun and satisfying. If you're wide-eyed at all the choices you have at your fingertips as you shop for sex toys online, here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind.

1.) The bigger the battery (generally) the higher the power.

Batteries are a great indicator of vibration strength when you aren't able to physically pick up the toy you have your eye on. AAA-powered toys, such as bullet vibrators or their famous cousins, pocket rockets, tend to be strong when used on a sensitive erogenous zone and have a "high, buzzy" type of feeling against the skin. As you move into AAs, the power source for most traditional vibes, the sensations start to get a little deeper and more massage-like in intensity. C batteries are typically only used for very large vibrating sex toys these days, but they will pack the most punch as far as sensation. If it plugs into the wall? Hold on and get ready for a hell of a ride, because that's a sex toy that's going to rock your world.

2.) Make sure your toy works with your favorite lubricant.

When using lube with a sex toy - always a good idea, by the way - water-based lubricant is your best option. Using silicone or oil-based lubricants on a toy that is made of silicone or a silicone blend will weaken the external surface material and may even break it, over time. Water-based lubricants are also considerably easier to clean up!

3.) If you have current toys that you like, use them as a "jumping off point" when shopping for new sex toys online.

It's fun to mix it up and try new things, but brand new or unique toys should be a supplement to a few favorites you know you'll love. If you prefer external stimulation, build a small stash of hand-held vibes, if you tend to go for internal fun, rabbit vibrators are a fan favorite. Don't be afraid to explore your boundaries, but snagging a little insurance in the form of "back up" favorites will never steer you wrong!

4.) Make a note of your absolute favorite toy's name, measurements, power source and so on.

If you're enlisting help from an online sales associate for an internet sex toy store or even a significant other, the more information you can provide on your preferences, the better. Knowing, for example, that 8" is just a little too big for your tastes, or that you prefer a certain girth, will help you narrow down your selection from thousands of tantalizing sex toy choices.



March 06, 2015


Why Fifty Shades of Grey was such a big hit

Why Fifty Shades of Grey was such a big hit

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is an erotic romantic drama movie which was directed by Taylor Johnson. This movie was based on a bestselling novel written a British author, E. L. James. The movie became such a big hit for few reasons. It was based on a very popular book with the same name as the movie, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The book sold 100 million copies.The second reason for the film’s popularity is because it deals with an issue which people are often obsessed with-sex. The film was first shown at the 65thBerlin International Film Festival on February 11, 2015. Universal Pictures release the film for the general public on February 13, 2015 and the film became an instant box office hit grossing over $485 million.

The Plot

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ starred film stars, Dakota Johnson featured as Anastasia Steele (Ana) who was involved in a strange love relationship with a business entrepreneur by name Christian Grey, featured as Jamie Doman. The relationship began as an unplanned event. Ana’s roommate Kate Kavanagh was to go and interview Christian in his office but she was ill so her roommate Ana went in her place and one thing led to another and Ana went to a club and had too much to drink and found herself on Christian’s hotel bed the following morning. Ana and Christian did not have sex that night they both said..

Strange Love Relationship

Ana fell in love with Christian who urged her to sign a non disclosure agreement that she would not tell anyone whatever happens in their relationship. As Ana contemplates signing the document she also wanted to negotiate some terms for herself in the relation. Christian expresses interest in sub-cultural relationship known as controlled bondage, and at that point Ana revealed the fact that she is a virgin. Before the document terms could be finalized, Ana and Christian began having sex in accordance with Christian’s sexual style preference. Christian loves rough and painful sex and seems to only enjoy sex when pain is associated with it. One thought that always cross my mind when men say they love painful sex is at whose expense? Anyway as it turned out, Christian’s controlled bondage is often referred to as BDSM an abbreviation for ‘bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism’. This type of sex deals with all kinds of sexual experimentation and because Ana loved him dearly she let Christian have his way sexually with his hot and kinky sex.

The Raging Controversy over ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

The controversy that was generated by the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’  movie is that this may be an attempt to rationalize and may be normalize sex and violence as part of the mainstream culture. Two views have emerged. Some people say that what two consenting adults do in their sex life is nobody’s business. The other opinion is that the sexual violence involved in Ana and Christian’s relationship is not consensual. What's your take? You decide.

February 05, 2015


Fifty Shades of Grey: How to Have Your Own Kinky Fun

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve likely heard at least a little about the “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon. The scintillating story of a sexy, Dominant businessman and a submissive young woman has captured minds and libidos across the country, tantalizing couples into trying bold new moves in and out of the bedroom.

If you or your partner has ever had an interest in living the BDSM lifestyle or incorporating it as an element of foreplay behind closed doors, there’s never been a better time to explore it. The popularity of both the book and the movie behind the story has opened up new doors and made fetish-friendly toys, clothing and media an intriguing possibility. If you’ve been eager to spice things up but aren’t sure where to start finding your own “shades of grey,” here are a few hot ideas:

Sensory Deprivation

A silky blindfold, mask or even a tie can be used to keep your partner in the dark as you make their body your playground. Gags also come in a variety of shapes and sizes – if a ball gag style isn’t appealing, flat belt-styles rest against the lips to inhibit speech. If you’re taking away sight, sound, or speech during a play session, be sure to work out a clear “I want to stop right now” signal with your partner for safety’s sake, and check in with them throughout your play.

Push Their Limits

Sometimes thinking outside of your usual sexual box is all it takes to elevate your satisfaction to the next level.  Backdoor play is fun for him AND her, so don’t let the genders of the story define your roles! Trying a butt plug or anal beads may just reveal a new favorite toy, and with plenty of lube and patience, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to become addicted to these taboo sensations.

A Few Sexy Love Taps

As you experiment with new toys like paddles, crops or floggers, be sure to keep your “thwaps” to fleshy areas like the butt cheeks or breasts. Start slow and soft and work your way up to an intensity that both you and your partner enjoy, this helps the body get adjusted and prevents sudden, startling sensations that might feel unpleasant. Never hit the neck, head, or kidney area (typically about a hand’s length up from the small of the back on both sides of the body) during play as percussive strikes here may hurt in the non-sexy sort of way.

Aftercare is Important

In BDSM culture, “aftercare” is an important part of BDSM playtime. After the hitting, teasing, blindfolding, cuffing and so on has ended, the Dominant player will often sit with the submissive player and wrap them in a blanket, get them a drink of water and generally make sure they feel okay both physically and mentally. You can easily incorporate this practice into your own bedroom BDSM to form a complete, satisfying experience for both you and your partner, allowing romance and affection to play a very important part of your kinky fun.

January 19, 2015


Clean, Lube, Store, Love - Taking Care of Sex Toys 101

Sex toys are a fun, satisfying way to get more out of your X-rated activities, and knowing the right way to take care of them will keep you enjoying "The Big O" for years. Here are a few tips for storing your dildos, vibrators and more:

Extreme Pleasure, Not Extreme Temperatures

Keeping your toys too hot or too cold can lead to material issues like softer substances breaking down, or batteries running out before they should. If your bedside table or dresser drawer is close to a heating or air conditioning vent, it's a good idea to either insulate or relocate your toys. 

Clean Them After Every Session

It's totally understandable that you just want to roll over and take a well-deserved nap after a romp between the sheets, but do your sex toys a favor and hit the bathroom first for a little scrubdown. Following the manufacturer's instructions (don't submerge an electronic toy unless it's fully waterproof, for instance) use a mild soap and water to clean off any surface that's been in your body. If using anal toys, be sure the soap is anti-bacterial, or use a condom on the toy during play, which can then simply be removed and tossed afterward. If you have a lot of trouble with non-nap motivation, consider picking up a pack of toy wipes for a quick clean that doesn't require leaving the bed - just be sure you give your toys the full treatment after you wake up.

Take Out The Batteries

A lot can happen between uses of a sex toy - you might neglect it for a new favorite, or find yourself short on time to enjoy it. Taking the batteries out of battery-operated toys will keep them fresh and help them retain power between uses, regardless if that's months or weeks. Left in an powered-down toy, batteries will slowly leach power until your favorite vibrator is DOA, and that's no way to start a night of erotic fun.

Check Your Lubricants - The Bottled Kind

There are essentially three types of sexual lubricants available in the adult products market.

  • Water-based lube, which is good for all toys and body uses and washes off easily.

  • Silicone lube, which is good for long-lasting applications like anal sex, a little harder to clean off, and should not be used on silicone or silicone-blend toys.

  • Hybrid lube, which combines both types but still shouldn't really be used on silicone or silicone blend toys.

Silicone and silicone don't get along well together, so using the wrong type of lube for your adult toy's material could lead to the surface deteriorating or flaking away. If you'd like to use silicone lube on a silicone toy, just put a condom on the toy first to provide a barrier and protect your favorite dildo, vibrator or butt plug.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for sex toys or taking care of the ones you already have. Properly cared for, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite bedroom toys for many years to come!

December 23, 2014


Stages of a Sex Toy User

Sex toys are often still not talked about very much. Even in these so-called 'enlightened times,' it is not a subject that is spoken of with any type of seriousness. In fact, if you are like most people, if sex toys are brought up in conversation - even with your closest friends - it is likely to be either a joke or a huge source of embarrassment. You may find, though, that your entire outlook about sex toys changes once you experience what they have to offer.

The Denial Stage

The first stage is can be classified as the Denial Stage. While everyone is different, some examples of things you might say to yourself during this stage include:

'I do not really know what sex toys are used for.'

'I do not have a use for sex toys in my life,'

'My partner and I have a fabulous sex life so we do not have the need to introduce sex toys.'

'I would never use sex toys.'

The Curiosity Stage

During this stage, you may find yourself wondering about sex toys. After all, they are pretty prevalent these days. You can find a large variety of sex toys of every shape and color online so you never even need to leave your home to learn about them. Right there in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you can read all about the various sex toys that are available as well as reviews from real-life users.

The Satisfaction Stage

The Satisfaction Stage is characterized by the realization that you can enhance those times when you are alone so that you are able to get rid of some excess sexual energy. This is also the stage during which you see the effectiveness of sex toys as they add another element of sensuality and excitement to your sex life with your partner. This allows you to stave off any boredom that might be seen in other types of relationships.

The Eager-For-More Stage

This stage has you acknowledging that you really need to find new toys to play with in order to fully enhance your experience. For many people, it is during this stage that they move beyond the more simple standbys in sex toys and start really exploring the options that are out there. Exciting and illuminating, the Eager-for-More Stage puts the focus of sex toys squarely on providing you with the most excitement of your life.

So, which stage do you find yourself at right now? Getting to know the stages of a sex toy user can help you realize that you are not the only one who was reluctant to use sex toys at first.

November 20, 2014


Keep Your Relationship Exciting With Sex Toys

It is no secret that relationships are a lot of work. Once you have found a person that you want to spend time with for the long term, keeping the relationship exciting can almost seem like a full-time job. This is especially true when it comes to those more intimate times.

Life Gets in the Way

The responsibilities of life can often make your sex life dissolve so that the entire act - from foreplay to completion - seems almost like it is running automatically. When you factor in time away from home for work and school, as well as responsibilities at home, such as kids, there might even be a scheduling issue that makes it difficult to find the time to be intimate with your loved one.

Life Saps Your Energy

It seems like as life throws even more things at you, your energy takes a hit. Even if your daily activities are mostly the sort that you enjoy, you might discover that by the time you are able to relax at home later that evening, you energy is drained. You are not even able to muster up enough motivation to enjoy your partner in an intimate manner. This is typically why foreplay is cut out of many couples' lives.

Sex Toys to the Rescue

Sex toys can come to your rescue, making your relationship more exciting and satisfying. Sex toys can help make your partner get in the mood for sex more quickly. Often it takes a woman longer to start feeling like she wants to become intimate. This is especially true when she is tired or has had a long day. When it comes to your, and your partner's, energy levels, using sex toys can make it easier to gain satisfaction while also limiting the amount of energy that you need to expend doing so.

Cut Boredom in Your Bedroom

Relationships involve getting to know one another better. While this can help make the partnership flow more easily, it can also breed boredom. It is very easy to fall into a rut since the two of you know each other so well. While this can lead to some exciting discoveries as you get to know each other, eventually you are likely to find yourself a bit bored since you already know how the evening will play itself out.

Sex toys are so versatile that you can use them to add a sense of both fun and adventure to your lovemaking sessions. Whether you want to use only a select few toys to enhance his-and-her experiences or you want to build up a serious arsenal, you will be able to make every intimate experience different.

October 29, 2014


Top 4 Ways Sex Toys Can Improve Your Health

If you are like most people who have added the adventure and fun that sex toys bring to your intimate times, then you know how good they can make you feel. It is not surprising that sex toys can bring you a great deal of pleasure, but did you know they can also be good for your overall health as well? Read on for just a few ways that regular use of sex toys in your bedroom can make you feel better.

1. Relax

How many times has this scenario happened to you? You have a stressful day at work, complete with the boss yelling at you and unprecedented traffic on your drive home so that you arrive hours later than expected. This can leave you tense and irritated. Sex toys can be used as a pleasurable way to release some of this anger and anxiety while allowing you to relax enough to enjoy the rest of your evening.

2. Destress

Stress has been proven to be a determent to optimal health. There are a number of ways this manifests itself, from depression to an increase in the incidences of stroke and heart attacks. Using sex toys, either within your relationship or on your own, helps reduce the harmful effects of having too much stress in your life.

3. Counteract the Effects of Aging

The old saying that states that you need to use it or lose it is true. Just like all the other parts of your body, if you do not use your sexual muscles, they can start to break down. One of the best ways to make sure this does not happen is by having sex regularly. Using sex toys often means that other groups of muscles are more engaged, helping to ensure that they are getting the workout they need as well.

4. Make Your Relationship Better

Healthy relationships are a necessity in order to have a long and fulfilled life. Creating intimate relationships has a myriad of benefits for everyone involved. Feeling that cohesiveness that comes from being a couple can help you more easily weather the roller coaster aspects that life tends to throw at you. While a deeper sense of intimacy does tend to come with time, using sex toys to feel closer to that special someone gives you two yet another area in which to bond over.

After all, your love and use of sex toys is not going to be something that just anyone knows about you. It is going to be a more private part of the life that the two of you share.

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